Invading Water Plant at Lake Rousseau

The ecosystem is nature’s way of ensuring that every life form in a certain area gets to survive. There are food chains and modes of natural selection in these ecosystems that determine the life and death of various species that cohabitate the same area. Though the ecosystem seems perfect, it hangs in a delicate balance and can be disrupted by anything that’s out of place. In the case of lake Rousseau, the presence of Hydrilla is causing a disruption to both the ecosystem as well as the activities of many fishermen.

Hydrilla is an exotic plant that floats on the surface of the water. Its presence and alarming growth rate is causing many marine biologists to conclude that they have to act aggressively towards this plant for the good of the lake. Normally, it’s a bad idea to interfere with wildlife but in the case of this Hydrilla plant, it may just be necessary to take steps to remove it.

The canopy made by the plant gives shelter to local wildlife such as waterfowl and since the algae growth caused by it also means that mode fish will get to feed off of it, fishermen are also quite pleased with the plant thus far. However, the plant’s also depleting the level of oxygen in the water and this is cause for a lot of concern. If you’re a fisherman who frequents trips to lake Rousseau, you can read more about what Hydrilla can do to ruin local wildlife over at

If the oxygen levels of the lake don’t seem like too much of a cause for concern for you, you should also know that Hydrilla is destroying the propellers of many fishermen’s boats. A spread of herbicides might be in order if this invading plant is to be controlled.