Climb That Fence

Many products on the market go bad. Just like how offers expire and tickets are no longer suitable past a certain date and food will rot, so can your makeup go out of commission and using expired makeup is definitely not a good idea if you intend to not only care for your appearance, but also for your health. It can be tempting to let other people use your makeup products on the fly, but unless they properly washed their face or hands before touching the wand of your nail polish or eye liner, when they put the wand back in the container, that wand will carry any dirt or bacteria they may have had and contaminate the whole container.

If you want to make your mascara in particular last longer, then according to this article, there are a few things you can do and the first and foremost thing that it suggests is to never share your mascara and that advice is also applicable to other beauty products. Another thing to look out for in order to care for your beauty products is to ensure that they do see some usage every now and then. If you let them sit around for long periods of time without using them, their oils or other assorted ingredients have the chance to separate and they won’t be that effective anymore.

Liquid eyeliners for that reason, like mascara, should be thrown out in just a few short months according to that article. In just under 3 months no less but thankfully it provides steps and advice on ways you can make it last longer. Beauty products and especially things like mascara are expensive so having to toss them so out, even more so if you don’t use it very often, can be a difficult thing to do.